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Dear Louis


We've watched the wedding video several times now, and it's wonderful!  Thanks so much for all of your hard work!  I really appreciate how you were able to capture so many wonderful moments while being so unobtrusive.  Thanks again!  



Dear Louis

We just viewed the video - you did a wonderful job!  We are so pleased with the results, you captured some beautiful moments that we will cherish forever!

Thanks for your work!


Sarah & John

Insert City

Dear Spetrino Pictures, 


One piece of advice I now give to all brides is to book a videographer! Having Lou capture our day was amazing. Quite honestly, he blended into the day and the special moments that he captured will live on forever. As the Bride and Groom, the day went by so quickly but having Lou made it possible for us to see our guests enjoying themselves, funny things happening in the background of the dance floor, and special moments captured with out awareness. Now, being able to watch the beautiful work that Lou created, brings chills to me each time I watch it!

The day was captured in such a natural way and edited to truly show the special feelings of the beautiful day. Having this amazing video to watch is truly my favorite keepsake from the day (besides my husband of course) and I have already referred many brides-to-be to Spetrino Pictures!


Bethany & Cody

Dear Louis

We got the DVD's on Saturday.  We just finished watching the one for Asher.  OMG!!  We both LOVE IT.  Asher thought that it was exactly what he had in mind and I was just so totally blown away.  You did an amazing job!!  You are so talented and we are just so thrilled that we had the opportunity for you to create this for us. 

Thank you so much!!!! 


Erica & Asher

Dear Louis

"I just wanted to let you know I loved the wedding video. I am so happy that I had a video made especially when we were unhappy with the wedding pictures the video captured all the special moments and putting their song at the end with the quick overview of the day was an awesome idea. Many, many thanks. I can't wait for the rest of the family to see it. You made
 her wedding day perfect with the photo booth and video.  Lucy was so touched that you did close ups of her  parents sitting in the front row of the wedding and then you captured a lot of 
her mom dancing, she had tears in her eyes while watching it.  Kyle loved the  slow motion parts and laughed at himself dancing, Jennifer loved it all and was  so very, very happy for the memories and I loved that you captured her and her dad walking down the isle and their dance together.  I sat there with a box of  kleenex and laughed and cried through the whole video it was so beautiful.   Thanks again for the beautiful memories you gave us."
 - Recent Client

Insert City


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